Rock Stories XXVI by: Denise Lorenz, Colored Pencil on Paper, 2017

(Un)documented   |   EarthBound

One Last Walk  | Juan Caceres

Colors of Eternity   |   Matt Crowl

I Look   |   Belle Jons

Meditations on a Parking Lot   |   George Rixey

Clarks   |   Jessica Marion

Mr.Rattle Snake   |   Sally Seidel

Jukebox  |  Anthony L. Chrome

December 28   |  Kimberly Rodriguez

Curse   |   Melissa Sauter

Bicycle Graveyard   |   Kirby Wheatland

Colores y Cultura   |   Samantha Ceballos

Kill the Dog   |   Jordan Jenkins

Voices   |   M. Oro

Tears That Didn’t Come   |   Lexi Pratt

Secrets Washed Ashore   |   Emilee Lawrence

Oceans   |   Texas L. Cook

Feel My Age   |   Samantha L. Barbosa

Pink and White  | Edward Lee

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