special feature:

Will You Love Me When I’m Old?   |   Rey T. Lataquin with notes by L. Lourella L. Cruz


Fred Is Monday   |   Jeffrey White

False Matriarch   |   Lindcie Tisher

Pineapples   |   Jessica Gallo

Untitled   |   Gabriel Schmidtt

Queen Mood   |   Franklin Posh

Natural Insanity   |   Amelia Petrini

Sorry I Didn’t Call Back   |   Celina Smythe

II Become I   |   Beth Wade

Small Town Bastards   |   Jason Woods

The Great Crash   |   Sarah S. Miles

Naked   |   Brittany Zambrano

Untitled   |   Jerry Alonso

The Hawk   |   Christina Chapa

Patient Z   |   Jenise

Arranged   |   Harman Athwal

Desire and Suffering   |   Crystal Joyce

Euphoria   |   Edgar Trejo

Memaw   |   Kristina Underwood

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