Canto 13   |   Anna Rashe
Too Close for Comfort   |   Curtis Sternitzky
North of Paradise   |   LD Novick
Fruit Worth Tasting   |   Samuel D. Huntington
Andy   |   Luis Chavez, Jr.
Nietzsche and Me   |   Hannah Minick
Eclipse   |   Nichole Denise Massa
Shoes   |   Karina Sokulski
The Perfect Wife   |   Curtis Craig
Chucked Chucks   |   CJ Doiron
Flying   |   Jessica Frazier
Stuffed Animal Suicide Tea Party   |   Kelly Sowell
Botero’s “La Calle”   |   Bryant Byrd
Dangerous: A Tale of a Rock Star   |   Roberto Hernandez
Coherence   |   Kyle Piper
Grandfather’s Hat   |   James Pryor
Particularly Cognizant   |   Robert Delaney
Mind Walk   |   Mark Skinner
P.L.U.R.   |   Sarah Ehninger


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